5 Simple Ideas for a Classroom Valentine's Day Party

Are you allowed to have a Valentine's Day party? If you do, you'll need a few fun activities to spice up your afternoon. But if you're like me, I want to have fun without breaking the bank. Today, I want to share a few of my favorite simple and inexpensive ideas for having a little fun on Valentine's Day! 

Hot Potato

I don't care how old your kids are, they will enjoy playing Hot Potato, especially when you use Valentine themed objects! I found a Valentine's Day balloon for $1 and an adorable stuffed animal for $2 at the Family Dollar. I always let the winner keep the object as a prize! 

Candy Hearts Relay Race

Relay races are always great for getting the kids moving and having fun. I bought plastic spoons, a four pack of candy heart boxes, and a six pack of cups at the Dollar Tree! The object is to get an entire box of candy hearts from the starting line to the cup. Students can take as much or as little as they like in their spoon, but if they drop them, they have to go back and start again. 

Sock Hands Relay Race

This is always so much fun! I found these socks at the Dollar Tree and bought enough for four teams. I also found little mesh bags that contained 12 chocolate hearts wrapped in foil. We brake up into even teams and do this relay race style. The first team to unwrap all 12 chocolate hearts wins!

STEM Vases

This is ALWAYS so much fun! Give your students two tubs of Play-Dough and a small box or container of toothpicks. I already had the Play-Dough on hand and found a three pack of toothpicks at the Dollar Tree! I set a timer for fifteen minutes and let them go at it.  Through trial and error, they worked to find a way to hold my dozen roses, which I also found at the Dollar Tree. There are really three different bundles, which added to the difficulty! 

House of Cards

This was hard, but it was so fun! I bought several boxes of cheap Valentine cards from the Dollar Tree. Each group worked together to create a house with the most stories. I always start with by showing a few YouTube videos for students who are unfamiliar or need an idea or two to get started. There are many strategies for building, and I love watching my students experiment. You can give them a time limit, but it really takes a bit of time to build confidence. 

I couldn't have done this post without the help of my own children! I do these games each year, but I didn't have the permission of the parents to share them. In the end, my daughters and I had a really fun time playing these games together and snapping a few pictures for the post! We were really proud of our house of cards! 

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